U still there?

Hello? Has it really been 4243 days? I think when I last posted, Google News was still alive and growing. The iPhone 4s was the best phone you could get (in 2 colors) and almost nobody knew what a Bitcoin is, or what AI could do. Weddings have been celebrated, children have been born and my life is not the same as it was 11 years ago.

And yet I have picked up photography again, after a decade long hiatus. Several times, I was very close to finally deleting this blog, but the name (still happy with it) and the free Heroku plan have kept it running. Last time I was close to shutting this down was when Heroku cancelled the free plan, which made me move to fly.io, and I'm pretty happy there nowadays.

U still there? Right side: Me, when I did my last post. Left side: Me, today.

As I'm not a big fan of Instagram, I might post a little over here in the next time. We'll see.

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