Photowalk with the other grainydays

Last year in September, I went to Photopia "Festival of Imaging" in Hamburg. I wasn't overwhelmed by the products presented, but yeah, I do not really need any more gear. The visit wasn't for nothing, though, because the Khrome booth and surroundings were great and I got to meet a lot of awesome people.

This was especially true when I went on the photowalk with Jason Kummerfeldt a.k.a. grainydays, who I share my internet pseydonym with (or whatever that's called nowadays). We even had a little chat about how he found the name and how I found the name and that he never even visited the .com version of his name, because the web is dead and everything is on social media now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jason later posted a video on YouTube which has me in it at ~12:40, right before I sneakily took 2 pictures of him chatting.

Jason Kummerfeldt a.k.a. grainydays Jason and some guy chatting

Jason Kummerfeldt a.k.a. grainydays Jason and some guy chatting

I also enjoyed talking to Karin Majoka (who brought a d-word camera) and Laetitia Heisler, who creates the most spectacular double exposures. Because of all the talking, and because HP5 pushed by 2 stops just does not work in sunsets, I only took 2 more pictures:

Jason in the crowd Jason and the crowd

Broken road What happened to the road?! 🤔

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Travel report: Brittany (continued)

Hiking in Brittany also was the shootout of the 28mms. The Leica, which was usually loaded with Wolfen NP100 BW film, had the Elmarit 28 ASPH mounted, and the Minolta, loaded with Portra 400, sported its magnificient Rokkor lens. And I can tell you, the Minolta is not worse than the Leica, while being cheaper and coming with a camera attached! Total bargain if you ask me.

This is what it looked like:

The cameras I had in Brittany One of these is the Leica, and one is the Minolta, but I'm not sure which one is which 🤔

You've probably seen the color shots by the Minolta in the last post, so now it's time for the Wolfen/Leica shots.

Lighthouse and boat I really liked the view of this old lighthouse, especially when a historic sailboat was passing by.

Beautiful Bay The same bay as in the last post, but this time shot in landscape and bw.

Rocks Brittany is rock land, does not matter if color or bw ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Flowers & Rocks Soft flowers + hard rock = soft rock??!?

Clouds Spectacular clouds and sailboats and a view.

Lighthouse I really liked that lighthouse.

Lighthouse Yes I did.

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Travel report: A long weekend in Utrecht

Last spring, my wife and me took the chance to spend a child free long weekend in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We had a blast, doing some sightseeing (like visiting the Rietveld Schröder House) or relaxing in the oldest outdoor pool of the Netherlands.

Drawing, wheeling The place near Sinte Marie was special. There were university people with their books and other people with their joints, none of them bothered about the others, all enjoying the sun and having a good time.

Inside the church Inside the church

Guy on the street We met this guy on the street, looking sharp, and he was very attracted by my camera (probably b/c it was not a phone). So I snapped a picture of him. Unfortunately, I only had my 35mm lens with me.

Oudegracht The area around Oudegracht is beautiful. Touristy, but beautiful. There are lots of cafes and bars located directly to the river, where you can have a good meal and a drink and watch the boats passing by.

Take a boat Oudegracht seens from water. See the girl reading in the corner of the bridge? You see a lot of those secret little places once you go by boad.

Paddling around Paddling around

The mosk The mosk, located near Lombok.

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U still there?

Hello? Has it really been 4243 days? I think when I last posted, Google News was still alive and growing. The iPhone 4s was the best phone you could get (in 2 colors) and almost nobody knew what a Bitcoin is, or what AI could do. Weddings have been celebrated, children have been born and my life is not the same as it was 11 years ago.

And yet I have picked up photography again, after a decade long hiatus. Several times, I was very close to finally deleting this blog, but the name (still happy with it) and the free Heroku plan have kept it running. Last time I was close to shutting this down was when Heroku cancelled the free plan, which made me move to, and I'm pretty happy there nowadays.

U still there? Right side: Me, when I did my last post. Left side: Me, today.

As I'm not a big fan of Instagram, I might post a little over here in the next time. We'll see.

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France: The Beaches

Summer in France, 2010 - 94

Summer in France, 2010 - 37

Summer in France, 2010 - 44

Summer in France, 2010 - 45

Summer in France, 2010 - 39

Summer in France, 2010 - 21

Summer in France, 2010 - 09

Summer in France, 2010 - 11

Summer in France, 2010 - 10

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France: Random Shots in B&W

Summer in France, 2010 - 13

Summer in France, 2010 - 12

Summer in France, 2010 - 14

Summer in France, 2010 - 16

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Walking away

Just a random shot taken in Hamburg.

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Barcelona: Night Shots

I had the duty to travel to Barcelona for business reasons. This meant working during the day, photography during the night. No wonder I came home with much more night than day shots.


Art Gallery


Sagrada Familia

Sagrada and a rider

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Barcelona: Street at Night

I had the duty to travel to Barcelona for business reasons. This meant working during the day, photography during the night. No wonder I came home with much more night than day shots.


Having a smoke

After a nice evening…

Distant passer-by

Piano Triptych


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