Photowalk with the other grainydays

Last year in September, I went to Photopia "Festival of Imaging" in Hamburg. I wasn't overwhelmed by the products presented, but yeah, I do not really need any more gear. The visit wasn't for nothing, though, because the Khrome booth and surroundings were great and I got to meet a lot of awesome people.

This was especially true when I went on the photowalk with Jason Kummerfeldt a.k.a. grainydays, who I share my internet pseydonym with (or whatever that's called nowadays). We even had a little chat about how he found the name and how I found the name and that he never even visited the .com version of his name, because the web is dead and everything is on social media now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jason later posted a video on YouTube which has me in it at ~12:40, right before I sneakily took 2 pictures of him chatting.

Jason Kummerfeldt a.k.a. grainydays Jason and some guy chatting

Jason Kummerfeldt a.k.a. grainydays Jason and some guy chatting

I also enjoyed talking to Karin Majoka (who brought a d-word camera) and Laetitia Heisler, who creates the most spectacular double exposures. Because of all the talking, and because HP5 pushed by 2 stops just does not work in sunsets, I only took 2 more pictures:

Jason in the crowd Jason and the crowd

Broken road What happened to the road?! 🤔

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