Travel report: Brittany (continued)

Hiking in Brittany also was the shootout of the 28mms. The Leica, which was usually loaded with Wolfen NP100 BW film, had the Elmarit 28 ASPH mounted, and the Minolta, loaded with Portra 400, sported its magnificient Rokkor lens. And I can tell you, the Minolta is not worse than the Leica, while being cheaper and coming with a camera attached! Total bargain if you ask me.

This is what it looked like:

The cameras I had in Brittany One of these is the Leica, and one is the Minolta, but I'm not sure which one is which 🤔

You've probably seen the color shots by the Minolta in the last post, so now it's time for the Wolfen/Leica shots.

Lighthouse and boat I really liked the view of this old lighthouse, especially when a historic sailboat was passing by.

Beautiful Bay The same bay as in the last post, but this time shot in landscape and bw.

Rocks Brittany is rock land, does not matter if color or bw ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Flowers & Rocks Soft flowers + hard rock = soft rock??!?

Clouds Spectacular clouds and sailboats and a view.

Lighthouse I really liked that lighthouse.

Lighthouse Yes I did.

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